Vital Agibalow is an international photographer who has worked with many of the leading fashion brands, celebrity supermodels and iconic influencers of the fashion industry. He is most widely known as the face of Hensel USA, the leader in the field of studio lighting, who launched him to an international platform after discovering him in 2008. Since then, he has incessantly gained notoriety in the realms of both professional and fashion photography with unmistakable forward momentum. Agibalow spent several years working abroad as a photojournalist in Germany, Holland, Switzerland and France, but has taken the fashion industry by storm through his portrait work of the iconic Anna Wintour (editor in chief of American VOGUE), Karl Lagerfeld (head designer and creative director for the fashion house CHANEL), Belgian-born fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg and Isaac Mizrahi, best known for his eponymous fashion lines that runs deep in American culture. 

Throughout it all, Abigalow’s hard work, dedication and passion behind the lens has warranted him a budding freelance career. While the diversity of Agigalow’s work has included covering every backstage of major fashion shows from Vera Wang to Michael Kors, and editorial work from Teen Vogue to Vogue Italia, the thrust of his work has been his stunning portraits of many of today’s greatest fashion icons and supermodels.

Text by Belle Duchene (NY)


Photographed by – VITAL AGIBALOW