New York, NY -- February 23, 2014 -- Don Horning, CEO of August Silk, announces a business growth initiative at contemporary sportswear label CLUNY.  This strategy includes a newly hired design team, an aggressive marketing strategy and the appointment of Nina Churchill as Vice President.  Fall 2014, the first collection under the new direction, will debut at the Coterie in New York on February 23rd – 25th.  Currently, CLUNY is sold at Neiman Marcus, Lord & Taylor, and Anthropologie.  

Horning explains, “Over the past three years, we have established CLUNY in the contemporary market.  The brand is perfectly poised to expand its merchandise mix and increase sales.”  He continues, “Nina’s experience and our dynamic design team’s vision will take our brand to the next level.”  Churchill’s career includes executive roles at Tommy Hilfiger and Sanyo Outerwear, a Burberry licensee, as well as founding the outerwear brand Carol Cohen Collectibles.

As part of the re-brand, CLUNY will capitalize on owning the factories where its designs are produced, insuring superior quality at accessible prices.  The collection’s focal point will be sweater dresses.  Churchill comments, “Woven dresses are undoubtedly a CLUNY classic but our superior knitwear capabilities allowed for a seamless transition into sweater dresses.”  The collection includes full fashion sweaters in silk/cashmere blends as well as cropped layering pieces and fur bed jackets.  The color palette highlights earthy neutrals, oxblood accents and jewel tones.

Fall 2014 took its inspiration from the classically winsome Parisian character Céline played by Julie Delpy in the Richard Linklater film trilogy Before Sunrise/Before Sunset/Before Midnight. Céline embodies the collection’s effortless, feminine, French-infused style. The marketing visuals merge her character with the brand’s DNA.

Following Coterie, there will be a greater focus on regions in the Northeast, Midwest, and Southern hubs including Atlanta and Dallas.  Wholesale prices are $99 to $225 for sweater dresses; $69 to $110 for sweaters and woven tops; $149 to $129 for skirts and pants; and $145 to $495 for outerwear. 

Photographed by – VITAL AGIBALOW