New York, Sunday, February 9, 2014 - Custo Barcelona presented its new fall-winter 2014/2015 collection, En voz baja (Whispers), yesterday in a catwalk show at New York Fashion Week. This new line brings a wintery visions to his profound shift towards sophistication and refinement embarked on by the firm in its most recent spring-summer collection, presented during New York Fashion Week in September 2013. The Custo Barcelona concert plays here at lower decibels to showcase a more chic and elegant side.

The new collection stresses the sophistication of women by lowering the volume of Custo Barcelona’s well-known color combinations, ceding the center stage to a marriage of high- quality fabrics, one of the firm’s hallmark traits.

Custo Barcelona proposes a lesson in juxtaposing material combinations, emphasizing fur coats atop blouses of sheer fabrics and transparencies. The prints on the garments, another of the firm’s trademark characteristics, notably feature base patterns like tartan, which is paired with fur in both the women’s and men’s collections. Its best result appears in the dual nature of the materials combined in a single garment, which is one of the keys to the collection.

Typical winter colors (black, gray and camel) serve as a backdrop for more vivid colors, such as fuchsia, purple and even neon tones. A significant portion of the pieces is also illuminated by graphics set over a background of shiny metallic silk chiffon lamé.

The collection is all about the femininity of women, accenting the waist with belts, adjusting to straight lines and leaving volume only in the sleeves. The accessories, including military- inspired shoes and hats, feature the same combinations used in the looks.

Presented in New York’s Lincoln Center, the show was attended by faithful followers of the brand, who did not want to miss a single detail of the latest proposals by Custo Barcelona. At the show were Fiona Ferrer, Diego Osorio, Gala González and Miguel Carrizo as well as famous American celebrities, including Joe Jonas, Carrie Preston and Miss J Alexander.

Photographed by – VITAL AGIBALOW