The brand MELY'S takes its name directly from the MELY'Sfactory which has manufactured knitwear for fifty years for its own collection and for famous French fashion houses.

The collection has been designet by Kristopher and Lois,two young English stylist,and it represents a romantic Anglo Saxon world made of soft shapes and falling volumes.

The yarns and the colours complete an elegant image of a product entirely realized in Italy.The cashmere mixed with silk,alpaca,flax and hemp are a leit motive common to whole collection.The appearance,sometimes rustic and sometimes sophisticated,suggest places where knitwear is still today a way of life.

Big pins and broshes block and close knitwear offering to the wearer the possibility to personalize its fitting.Greenlands covered by leader sky and swept by rough seas,where time seems not to be in a hurry,where everything can last for very long instans.

The long grass of the pastures stirred by the wind which blows quickly entering every space lifting and slamming all the things which seem to want to steal from it that very mobility which by their nature has not been granted to them.The colour card is represented by the colours: green, black, purple, bordeaux, red, black.....